filePro Makeover

Migrate Your Business-Critical Application to Windows.

Give filePro real Windows Functionality without changing your server!


You have spent years developing a system that does exactly what your business needs. 

Your application works well but now looks dated compared to the new Windows applications. 

Today's workforce is far more familiar with the Windows experience than any character based terminal programs.


Which version would you rather use?

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Modernizing the look and feel of your filePro/Unix based application can help cut down on training time, impress your customers and increase productivity for new and existing users.

Now you can maintain your application investment while offering a fresh new Windows interface. There is no need to rewrite your application in another language.  Features include:

  • Works on SCO Unix and Linux filePro Applications
  • Rapidly convert to a Windows Interface
  • No major reprogramming needed
  • Convert at your own pace
  • Add new functionality such as pictures and graphs to your applications
  • Can continue to use Dumb Terminals and add new Windows Interface
  • Both the Dumb Terminals and the Windows users update the same data
  • Uses both a mouse and the functions keys in the application.
  • Add popular controls such as popup calendars, mouse control, virtual keyboards

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