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FineLine Preview allows you to display reports on your screen on your Linux or SCO Unix server. Reports wider than your screen is supported. Keys such as the Home Key, End Key, Page Up and Page Down help you navigate the report. Wide reports can be shifted to the right with the Tab Key and left with Shift Tab. An option to search the document is also provided. Great tool for reviewing large accounting report on your screen.

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Typical Uses

Most UNIX software applications allow you to print reports to screen. They might use a self-developed viewer or a system command as More, Less, VI or Vim. All of these programs will display a file and have key sequences to move around although the keys can be complicated. FineLine Preview allows files to be printed to screen for a robust display and standard keys for navigating the report.

Key Function
Tab Scroll Right
Shift-Tab Scroll Left
END Goto End of Report
HOME Goto Top of Report
Page Down Go Down One Page
Page Up Go Up One Page
Down Arrow Down One Line
Up Arrow Up One Line
Right Arrow Right One Character
Left Arrow Left One Character
S Search File - Not Case Sensitive

Licensing and Pricing

FineLine Preview is licensed by registered users. This requires registering the login name of every users to use the package at any time with the software. The available license increments can be combined to obtain any capacity (with a minimum of 5 register users.

$400.00 Base Product with 5 Users
$75.00 Additional 1 User
$350.00 Additional 5 Users
$650.00 Additional 10 Users
$1500.00 Additional 25 Users

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