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We started writing business applications in early 1984 in a multiuser operating system called Xenix and a database called Profile. Most businesses did not have computers and commercial business software was very expensive. Our goal was initially was to take a company’s manual system and use computers to automate it and make the process more efficient. We wrote everything from accounting applications to word processors and email systems. Each company had their own software developed to give them an advantage over their competitors who might not have computerized systems.

Later we added hardware and operating system support for Unix, Novell, Windows and Linux. We continued to develop and support Profile which was renamed to filePro plus a number of newer languages coming out. Through the years we have developed in and seen retired a number of applications such as Foxpro, Dbase, Access, etc as they gained and lost popularity. Custom applications became commercial applications which allowed users to buy powerful software for a lower cost. This allowed the user to get powerful business applications provided they conformed to the processes of that software. Commercial applications came and went as operating systems and their software become obsolete and these companies moved their focus to newer business models. New business applications are now available using a number of new languages and devices but at a much higher cost. Users now are typically forced to change their internal systems to conform the software and need to maintain service agreements that usually cost 20% of the original purchase price per year. That means you are buying their software every 5 years in maintenance fees!

Through the years and evolution of hardware and operating systems we still find a need for business applications written in filePro. The filepro development platform has been adding new features to their application over the years as new hardware and technologies are developed. We still believe that an application tailored to your business process can give you a competitive advantage.

Any switch to a new software application needs to be evaluated as to whether the new software’s cost, including any annual support agreements, will enable your company to earn more than the cost of that software. An application developed in filePro can typically be updated to add new features at a lower cost than replacing the system. Your custom filePro application can still give your company a competitive advantage. Contact our staff to see how we can add new features to your system to take advantage of the new hardware and technologies at a fraction of the cost of replacing your system.

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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumnus

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